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Co-Author of How to Break the Glass Ceiling without Using a Hammer (Chapter - Home Away from Home)
My chapter in this book is entitled
  Home Away from Home
Co-Author of What's the Difference? Embracing Diversity & Inclusivity (Chapter - Succeeding in a World with Diverse Cultures)
My chapter in this book is entitled Succeeding in a World with Diverse Cultures
Co-Author of Madam CEO: How to Think and Act like a Chief Executive (Face the Fear and Do It Anyway: Handling Transition and Change)
My chapter in this book is entitled Face the Fear and Do It Anyway: Handling Transition and Change. 
These are must-read titles for women of all career levels who wish to reach the top!

The books’ powerful anthology provide the tools to shatter the glass ceiling with self-confidence and strategies to handle stress, building leadership skills. They will help you develop winning presentation skills, promote yourself, and avoid self-sabotaging behaviours.

What's the Difference? Embracing Diversity & Inclusivity is a powerful must-read for individuals, corporations, school systems, churches, and organisations committed to celebrating diversity regarding inclusivity for all humans regardless of age, gender, race or background.

Co-written by Amina Chitembo and 59 other International trainers, coaches, speakers and consultants from Americas, Africa, Europe Australia and Asia. 

Celebrating the commitment and sisterhood of women. When women work together the result is extraordinary.

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