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Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

An effective organisation is one which creates an inclusive environment where workers are valued and treated with respect and dignity - regardless of their race, colour, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability and other characteristics – and thrive and strive to maximise their full potential for the benefit of the organisation and themselves.

This one-day course aims to teach students the power of embracing diversity and inclusion in an organisation. It will enable leaders, managers and their teams to develop their ability to understand the nature and origins of personal values, beliefs, attitudes and prejudices, and the impact these can have on the organisational behaviour.

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HATE CRIME AWARENESS: Understanding the Impact, Reporting Incidents, and Supporting Victims.

This is a one-day course aimed at raising awareness of the issues of hate incidents and crime, and tackling the issue of under reporting. The course will help learners to increase their knowledge and confidence to encourage reporting and recording of hate crime/incident both by victims and others who become aware of them (including statutory service providers). It will also help improve communication amongst all agencies including Police, Health, Local Authorities, VCS and private companies regarding hate crime reporting.

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What will happen when you work with me?

  1. You will get the benefits of working with a highly trained and experienced professional with significant transformational, leadership and management expertise gained through training and hands-on experience.
  2. We will explore your unique situation and together identify areas that need redesigning and improvement. Then I will develop a robust action plan to help you break through any barriers that are stopping you and your people from reaching your highest peak performance.
  3. I will work with you until you are satisfied with the results.
  4. Whether you want to take your organisation or team to a higher level of productivity with a limited budget or advance as an individual, I will work with you to provide value-based outcomes.
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  • Are you ready to invest in yourself and your team?
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Testimonial and Recommendations

Here are some kind words from clients

“Amina and her team brought new life to our organisation. Amina’s guidance in creating our strategic plan to increase revenue growth and profitability got everyone excited. The High-performance workshops have changed the leadership of the STP footprint’s way of thinking.  Everyone now works as a team and not in silos this is definitely new ways to reach our goal as a company.” Maureen Mutale, Zambia National Commercial Bank, Copper belt Zambia.

“Working with Amina was Great! I loved it! she was very insightful and got me to sort out so much stuff with my students. She made me feel confident and helped me move from a place of pain in my life to being proud of myself. For the first time in my life I can feel and say I am proud! Thank you” Julie Kay, Southend Liaison

"As a director of my company I have found it extremely beneficial to share ideas, issues and knowledge within my Amina. Being able to gain a different perspective on things in an open and confidential forum and hearing some of the inspirational stories that the coaching group members share has been a great learning experience for me. I have often said it is more beneficial than doing a degree!  I can highly recommend becoming joining Amina’s High-performance coaching group." – Victoria Member, Director, Restaurant chain.

“I found Amina’s coaching gig on Fiverr site, I was sceptical to start, but much to my surprise. Amina was great and helped me clarify some issues that I need to ponder. The coaching gig is totally worthwhile and if you are on the fence, go for it.” Nate WC, Las Vegas, USA.

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