Amina Chitembo

Leadership Development | Diversity and Inclusion Coach | Trainer | Speaker | Author | Publisher

Amina is the founder and president of the Community Inclusion AwardsTM, the CEO of Diverse Cultures Advice and Coaching an International business helping businesses and individuals around the world to increase their productivity, diversity and inclusion.

Amina is also a book writing coach and owner of Diverse Cultures Publishing, a UK based company that publishes autobiographies, memoirs and personal development self-help books in Migration, Diversity, Inclusion, and Leadership.

As a multi-award-winning British-Zambian Publisher, Author, International Speaker, Diversity and Inclusion coach and trainer, she and her businesses specialise in bridging the gaps between minority communities and settled or resident populations thereby building stronger, more united international communities.

She helps people to improve their own lives by raising their profiles creating opportunities for credibility, collaboration, and leaving positive legacies. She also is an Associate Director in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), a job where she takes interim contracts to review critical community services and provide service redesign.

Books by Amina

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  1. Profitable Teams – Author, June 2018
  2. Celebrating Diversity - Editor and co-author, October 2018
  3. Pushing through Fear Stereotypes and Imperfect – Author, December 2017
  4. The Perfect Migrant: How to Achieve a Successful Life in Diaspora – Editor and co-author, June 2018
  5. The Serious Player’s Decisive Business Start-up Guide -Author, March 2017
  6. The Black Man Cancer Taboos – Editor, June 2018
  7. MAU MAU CHILD EXPERIENCE – Editor, June 2018
  8. BLACK MEN IN DENIAL? Challenging Social Beliefs on Black Men and Prostate Cancer
  9. Leading: How to be Your Own Boss! Editor and co-author, June 2018
  10. Madam CEO: How to Think and Act Like a Chief Executive

  11. How to Break the Glass Ceiling Without A Hammer: Career Strategies for Women

  12. What's the Difference? Embracing Diversity & Inclusivity

  13. What Serious Executives and Business Owners Need to Know Before Hiring A High-Performance Coach, Educational Guide - Author, March 2017

Awards and Acknowledgements

  • Award Winner - Promoter of the Year, Creativity Hub Magazine, 2018
  • Award Winner - Publisher of the Year, Powerhouse Global Organisation, 2018
  • Award Winner - Entrepreneur of the Year, African Women in Europe, 2017
  • Award Winner - Career Woman of The Year – UK Zambian Awards, 2012
  • Named as one of the 20 Successful Zambian Women in the UK, 2012
  • Award Winner - Community Engagement and Volunteering 2011-12
  • Finalist - Charity of the Year, Worthing, 2010


  • PhD Scholar - Women's Self-Inclusion into Leadership

  • Creative author and publisher through various training organisations and companies

  • Master of Science Leadership and Management

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Contact Amina if you would like to find out more about working with her, but you are not sure how yet or if you would like to book her as a speaker for your event or business.


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