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 Engagement Multiplier

As the modern workforce changes, employers need to keep pace or get left behind. When a company improves employee engagement the team is connected to a shared sense of purpose and meaning. The results are improvements in productivity, employee retention rate, safety and morale—that you can see in the numbers right away.

  • You’ll see productivity skyrocket
  • Employee satisfaction will increase
  • Absenteeism & Turnover will decrease
  • You’ll save on onboarding costs
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Roland Burt - Djibo Arts

Roland Burt is a Peterborough based Artist and Founder of Djibo Arts. The brighter and the more expressive, the better!’ Services include; Paintings, Murals, Commission, Tuition and Parties

Roland says "I grew up in North Yorkshire as part of a large Caribbean family. My passion for making things and painting on almost anything - kitchen towels, canvas, wood, concrete blossomed from an early age and as I grew up it became a conduit for life’s stresses and challenges. I’d return to my art whenever I found myself needing a sanctuary and a reprieve from pressure."

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