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An excellent book for anyone experiencing fear of pursuing their dreams. Life changes throw challenges at us. Often people are stereotyped by circumstances and bullied for imperfections. The experiences can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. With ever-increasing health care costs, we are all looking for early interventions and support, that is where self-coaching comes in.

I am a proud dyslexic who calls herself ‘ The Happily Imperfect LeaderTM’. In this book I share practical tools for dealing with real-life issues, including mental health, financial stability, divorce, and starting over. This easy-to-read book teaches you how to coach yourself through your fears, stereotypes and embrace your imperfections.


Some of the Topics Covered In The Book

Confronting the Origins of the Fear

All fears have triggers. you will learn how to get past the fears to get want you deserve.

Dealing with Imperfections and Stereotypes

The best solutions for dealing with other people opinions.

Values, and Living Life With Purpose

How to leave the past and enjoy the future.

"Five Star: This book is a treasure trove for readers who choose to embrace their responsibility and co-creator-ship in the face of adversity. Sharing her own remarkable story, Amina shows how fear holds us back from rising to our highest potential and how we can push through it once we acknowledge our vulnerability and begin to practise self-love. Her "fear-blaster activities" pose powerful questions that we may not usually ask ourselves. But when we do, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and become present to our own resources and personal power. Amina then offers feasible strategies to tackle challenges, including mental health and finances. Her book is a great place to start if you want to create a profound turnaround in your life. It also encourages readers to seek help when necessary and makes it very clear that this is not a sign of weakness, but an act of self-care."

Kathy Eliwa
Empowerment & Co-Creation Coach, United Kingdom

"Rated Five Stars by Readers' Favourite. "Pushing Through Fear Stereotypes and Imperfections: How to Coach Yourself Through Life's Challenges and Boost Your Mental Health by Amina Chitembo is a powerful book that challenges readers to take control over their lives and to become the architects of the kind of success they wish to have. It is a book that explores the fear that inhabits most of us - the fear of becoming who we really feel we are called to be. This fear can be inspired by the media, our social position, and what the world says we are and which most of us accept. This book is crafted for those who are continually tempted to accept the stereotypes they have been tagged with; it empowers readers to become proactive in creating their own path and resolutely following it. In a nutshell, it is the kind of book that encourages readers to be true to who they are, to hold on to their aspirations without fear, and to pursue their dreams with courage. Written in an easy-to-read, friendly style, Pushing Through Fear Stereotypes and Imperfections: How to Coach Yourself Through Life's Challenges and Boost Your Mental Health is packed with wisdom and the words that readers need to hear for them to wake up and start looking at reality as it is. I marvelled at how the author weaves her personal experiences into the book, with examples that will speak volumes to readers. Amina Chitembo writes with the confidence of one who knows so well what they are talking about and her message is both relevant and timely. This book will help readers deal with unnecessary stress, find their own voice in the world, and walk their path with a greater level of self-confidence. A must-read that should be passed on! for Readers Favourite. "

Divine Zape
Readers Favourite

"Five Star: I highly recommend this book. Amina writes from the heart. By reading this book you enter Amina's world and experience first-hand how she has pushed through fear, stereotypes and imperfections and come out on top. Accept the fact that whatever happened to you happened to teach you something, to push you to grow, and to encourage you to change. Part of the focus of this book is to give you tips of coaching yourself and to get you to try different ways from the rule. This book I am sure will help many people, even those who may be thriving will glean something that they will find helpful. I found the blaster activities very enjoyable and useful. In as much as listening to others is sometimes good, listen to you and rise above your fears. "

Dr Love Vernon
Author and Publisher, USA.

"Five Star: This is a captivating book that will leave you longing for more. It is a must read for everyone. Pushing through fear stereotypes and imperfections has come as an answer to a society that is slowly emerging from its previously held negative perceptions about mental health. Lack of literature compounded the problems. Therefore, the author uses of her personal experiences which is a very rare insight given from her background, growing up in her country of origin, Zambia, where until now most people would rather suffer quietly from depression and other mental health related issues than seek professional help. This book will help many to speak up, defy stereotypes and find the blaster strategies very useful. I believe it will create more awareness and bring about a realisation that people need no longer hide behind veils as mental health issues can be overcome with the right attitudes and mind sets. Amina, my sincere thoughts about the book are that it will help a great deal of people. Thank you for being you."

Mary Nambaya,
Teacher, Ministry of Education Zambia.

About the Author

Amina Chitembo is a UK based British/Zambian multi-award-winning Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Business High-Performance Coach. She is the go-to coach for senior executives, leadership teams, and their staff.

She consults, and trains integrated organisations and businesses, helping people to increase resilience, productivity, and profitability, while maintaining outstanding levels of high-performance and thereby improving mental health, wellbeing and financial stability in the workplace.

As an inspirational speaker, Amina champions Leadership: The Link between Financial Stability and Mental Health in the Workplace. She works internationally with leaders who juggle huge responsibilities of leading others, staying on top of business demands and profitability even in challenging times. After overcoming many difficulties to become a leader herself, she helps people to increase personal and professional success by challenging fears, stereotypes and defying imperfections, thereby reducing mental health issues.



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