Thank you for visiting, I have now concluded data collection. Thank you for all the highly skilled and highly qualified women who Participated in my PhD Research


My name is Amina, I am  a PhD student at De Montfort University. My research focuses on highly skilled and highly qualified migrant women and their inclusion into leadership and entrepreneurship. I place emphasis on the woman’s lens, thus amplifying the migrant woman’s voice. I align my research with the current international discourse on gender balance in leadership, and the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals; #SDG5 – Gender Equality and #SDG10 – Reducing Inequalities.

I am seeking Asian and African women to help understand the drivers & barriers affecting Highly Skilled Migrant Women applying for senior leadership positions.

  • Do you hold a postgraduate certificate or higher?
  • Do you work in the public sector?
  • Did you come to the UK as an adult?

If so, can I interview you?

Please complete the form on here and send it to me. Your assistance will be much appreciated. 

You will be contributing to research and possibly an improvement to the lives of migrant women and girls in the UK.

If you are not sure if you can take part, please click below to send me a message.

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