Helping More Highly Qualified Migrant Women to Navigate Barriers into Leadership and be part of the solution

Are you a Migrant woman, BAME, BME, Ethnic Minority, or a  Woman of Colour?

Have you ever considered participating at leadership decision-making level?

Did you know that with the right mentoring and coaching, you can excel in leadership positions in political, economic and public life?

Even if you are undecided in any aspect of your life, We are here to help if you meet the following criteria.

  1. You are a woman who lives in a country other than where they were born.
  2. You have a bachelor degree or higher You are highly skilled and wish to go further
  3. You are willing to be part of an elite community of highly educated and highly skilled migrant women you want to help shape the world You are eager to give back and make a positive contribution.
  4. Use your qualifications and skills to access jobs and other leadership positions.

Migrant Women's Self-Inclusion into Leadership (MWSL)

Are you a woman at that age when you want to change something in your life?
Are you at that stage in your life when you need to do something just for you?
Are you struggling with juggling life, partners, grown-up children, cats, dogs, menopause or anything else?
Have you spent years stepping aside for others?
Is it time for you to get that career you have been putting on hold, but not sure how, or where to get support?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it is your time, get help deciding your next step, self-inclusion means not waiting for an invitation.

Women over 40 years old have so much going on, and we still have to smile and look after everyone else.

We can help by listening to you and helping you make a plan for your professional development without judgement. You can still help others and help yourself. Your happiness is paramount to everyone else.
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Migrant Women's Self-Inclusion into Leadership (MWSL)

When women lead, the whole community succeeds.
Individual women have overcome these obstacles with great acclaim, and often to the benefit of society at large.
However, most women have given up and are waiting for someone to give them the platform to shine. This network aims to help you level your playground needs to be level, opening opportunities for all.
Why join the Women Self-Inclusion into Leadership (WSLI)?

FACT: Women’s participation in leadership and politics are restricted. Women are underrepresented as voters, as well as in leading positions, whether in elected office, the civil service, the private sector or academia. The occurs despite their proven abilities as leaders and agents of change, and their right to participate equally in democratic governance. Together we can help make the change.

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