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We provide Coaching and Traning in:

Leadership Development ~ Diversity and Inclusion ~ Book Writing Coaching

Our Core Values

“Fun: We make diversity and inclusion work fun and positive. We win when our clients win, we all succeed together.”


We inspire and empower leaders and organisations to promote and embrace a culture of inclusiveness, increased engagement and happiness - through our leadership development, and Diversity and Inclusion programmes.


We help transform people and organisations that are struggling to meet their goals targets, helping them increase staff and client engagement and retention through leadership development, diversity and inclusion.


We encourage, help and challenge people to dream bigger, holding them accountable for increasing their creativity and credibility, giving them tools to find and express their deepest passions and to create a lasting legacy.

Core Services

Leadership Development Training and Coaching

Organisations can have the best processes in place, however without the right people productivity is hampered. We ensure that business owner have the right tools to empower their teams.

Our training covers numerous areas including:

  1. Effective communication and clarity
  2. Negotiation and Creative problem solving
  3. Strategic-thinking and planning
  4. Confidence and decisiveness
  5. Assertiveness, influence and persuasion
  6. People management and delegation
  7. Speaking and coaching skills. 

We work together with our clients to ensure they perform at their very best and get the very best from their teams.

Diversity and Inclusion Advice, training, and coaching

Diversity is the accepting, understanding, and respecting differences amongst people regardless of their races, ethnicity, education, gender, age, religion, disabilities or sexual orientation, personality, skills, neural position or disposition.

Inclusion is a collaborative, encouraging, and considerate atmosphere which increases the participation and contribution of all employees and welcoming to clients.

It is in the best interest for companies to promote diversity and inclusion through the company’s mission, strategies, and practices to support a diverse workplace and leverage the positive effects and to achieve a competitive business advantage.

Research by Forbes and other companies have highlighted the following as the top benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace:

  • Empowering a robust and diverse talent
  • Increased engagement, recruitment, and retention
  • Harmony among managing cross-generational teams

We provide the following courses:

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Business
  • How to create a staff and customer inclusive culture
  • Promoting positive engagement and cultural awareness

Book Writing Coaching and Publishing

We provide opportunities for people who have something to share or teach others through organisational manuals, non-fiction books such as business, leadership, chronicles, and biographical. We facilitate a seamless journey from concept of the book to publishing; whether solo work or helping co-author chapters. We offer:

  1. Book concept to publishing – coaching and/or ghost writing
  2. Manuscript publishing
  3. Provision of co-authoring opportunities.

Other Services

Hire Amina to Speak at Your Event

I am passionate about Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion.Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to come and give a keynote or inspirational speech at your event or organisation. I have spoken at a wide range of conferences and events on topics such as:

  1. Women’s Self-Inclusion into Leadership.
  2. Pushing through fear, imperfections and stereotypes to get the life you deserve.
  3. Why Unconscious Bias is Not Bad
  4. Neurodiversity, Asperger’s, and Cassandra Syndrome
Looking for a Keynote or Inspirational Speaker for your next event? Contact us here.

Here is a snapshot of what previous audience members have said about me:

“Amina spends as much time in the audience as she does on stage. She uses peer-to-peer coaching exercises and interactive social science research to drive audience engagement.”

 “Enthusiastic, fun, and helpful. She’ll get your team and your audience empowered with actionable takeaways.”

“Expert on the subject. Amina understand her audience and tailor talks to ensure maximum impact.”

“Authentic, intentional, and persuasive, she inspires transformation.”

“Amina has fearless, inspirational, and enjoyable attitude which loosens up the audience, accelerates connection, and deepens inspiration because your audience will be both entertained and engaged Regardless of the size of your event.”

Download Your Free Diversity and Inclusion Self-Assessment Tool


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Hello my name is Amina Chitembo.  

Your Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion Coach and Trainer

Would you and your business like some help to achieve an engaged, diverse, and inclusive workplace? I am here to help. I offer personalised engagement, diversity, and Inclusion Coaching as well as training and advice. We will do this in a fun and positive way. Meaningful partnership with my clients gives me immensely.

Sometimes employers miss the basics of what can increase their productivity. PEOPLE. Yes, your staff and customers. People are not all the same. Getting people diverse backgrounds such as ability or disability, gender, ethnicity. Inclusion is not only about protected characteristics. You will notice I don't use equality anywhere else in my site. If we understand the fundamentals of inclusion and celebrating diversity, there will be no need to keep chasing equality.

Want to learn more? Let's have a chat.

Contact me here

Let us Inspire. Achieve. Serve.

The Happily Imperfect Leader Podcast on Youtube and iTunes

Are you always being told you're not good enough? Are you being told that your goals are too big, you can't achieve them? Or maybe people just dismiss you whenever you tell them you want to do something with your life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you're in the right place, Just follow the link below. The Happily Imperfect Leader is any person who is willing to push through their fears, defy their stereotypes and imperfections, so that they achieve that great goal that they set for themselves.

"Amina is very inspiring. She motivates me to achieve better results and get the most out of myself and my team. She doesn’t tell me what to do but leads me to think outside of the box, look at future visions, have clear focus to work on. Her wealth of experience and knowledge has benefited Hampton Tiddlers immensely. What is more, she helped Hampton Tiddlers to get the funding that we desperately needed in February 2017. Now we are able to offer more service and activities for the children and their families in Peterborough and surrounding areas."

Faustina Yang
Hampton Tiddlers Chairperson.

"Yes, I will recommend Amina and her services. Amina has been helpful to make me gain in confidence and help me finding what I want to pursue in life. If you are looking at for a mentor or coach Amina is the perfect person to address to. She will help you finding the confidence in you that you never thought you’ll have. She will help you how to work with more efficiency and help you through every step to achieve your goal"

Raissa Mohammed
Internship placement at Diverse Cultures, Paris, France

"Amina is certainly an excellent coach for anyone embarking on setting up their own practice. Amina was highly instrumental in helping me have the confidence to set up and start my private practice in a thorough and professional way. In the beginning when I was full of self-doubt, she reassured me and encouraged me to recognise my doubt as the very thing that kept me ethical. Amina reframed what I called ‘Strict boundaries’ as unique ways of communicating my confidence. Amina has really made me feel that I have the confidence in marketing myself and many skills to bring to my profession life. Amina ensured that I acknowledge my strengths and broadening expertise, rather than take them for granted or minimise them."

Savithri Jayaweera
Psychotherapist – Worthing & Adur Minority Ethnic Empowerment, West Sussex.


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