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Service: Consultancy

“I have been working with Amina for over 8 years now. She has not only changed my way of thinking but my attitude towards life too. She is a great trainer and coach; she is a High Performer who uses unique tools to help her clients to achieve their goals. Her courses are laid in such an easy to follow way but offer great depth” Hanna Moore, Business Associate, CEO/ Realtor, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

“I highly recommend Amina’s services for you. Amina is very professional, Energetic, Motivational & Friendly. You can easily discuss all your matter & she gives her full attention to your matters. I have gained clarity of direction in my career and improved my dramatically my job prospects. I  received great ideas on how to make myself standout to the competition in seeking business or employment. Amina has the following great qualities; Friendliness and professionalism, great ideas to improve my life and start working towards my goal.

I remember, I asked Amina if I can get a visa to the UK and then get a job if don’t join university there as others do, because I need money to support my Family. Her coaching questions and advice made me think for myself that that the risk was not worth it. She helped me a lot when I was confused. She said to me “DO NOT PLAY SHORT TERM, PLAN LONG TERM SUCCESS”. It was mind changing sentence for me. So now I joined university once again now I am feeling relax and calm and I have great future ahead.” Ahsan Chaudhry, Project Manager, (Oriental Institute of Technology), Pakistan.                      

Service: Funding Consultancy and Coaching

"Amina is very inspiring. She motivates me to achieve better results and get the most out of myself and my team. She doesn't tell me what to do but leads me to think outside of the box, look at future visions, have clear focus to work on. Her wealth of experience and knowledge has benefited Hampton Tiddlers immensely. What is more, she helped Hampton Tiddlers to get the funding that we desperately needed in February 2017. Now we are able to offer more service and activities for the children and their families in Peterborough and surrounding areas." Faustina Yang, Hampton Tiddlers/Chairperson.

Service: Coaching (Business Resilience)

“As business owners, we were juggling work and 3 girls. It was all getting tiring, managing time and staff was not easy and the business was starting to suffer. Amina came in and helped us develop an easy plan than that help us to turn things around, she helped us understand and identify where the problems were. Taught us how we can use our time better and some simple techniques which have improved our energy and help us to perform better in the business, and it’s now grown to be a well-known brand in West Sussex with tables booked every weekend and some week nights. She is a great trainer and coach. She also has a very supportive and responsive team. We now tell everyone, that Amina is the go-to place for high performance training. Give her a go and let the results speak for themselves. You won’t regret it!” Mr and Mrs Chowdhury, Owners of Little Magna Restaurant, West Sussex.

Service: Coaching

Yes, I will recommend Amina and her services. Amina has been helpful to make me gain in confidence and help me finding what I want to pursue in life. If you are looking at for a mentor or coach Amina is the perfect person to address to. She will help you finding the confidence in you that you never thought you’ll have. She will help you how to work with more efficiency and help you through every step to achieve your goal”. Raissa Mohamed, Intern from Paris, France


Service: Coaching and Mentoring

 “Amina is a very innovative, high achieving and caring coach and mentor who takes everything she does very seriously with friendliness and professionalism. Her coaching has helped me come up with great ideas to improve my life and start working towards my goals. I have gained clarity of direction in my career and improved my dramatically my job prospects” Lwiza Mulenga.

Service: Collaboration and Business partnership

“I would definitely recommend. Amina has a very clear direction of where she wants to be in life and this is reflected in her drive and belief, working style and methods, as well as the keenness to support and encourage others to be courageous and ambitious in life. Not only does she provide a great and professional service, but she cares about her colleagues, clients and what they become. She is selfless and a true mentor. Working with Amina has made me a much more resilient and forward-looking person. Her directness and creative approach has helped me to stay focussed on my goals. ”  Ali Abdoul, Business Partner.

Other Testimonials and recommendations

“I started working with Amina in 2007 when my confidence level was at its lowest. She took me under her wing and took time to teach and mould me into the person I am today. Through her mentorship and coaching. I learnt to believe in myself and that it is only me who can shape up my future and my destiny.  She taught me and gave me the opportunity to lead, coordinate, manage projects and apply for funding for projects. Since then I have gone on to achieve what other people may perceive as impossible. I have now obtained a Master’s Degree in Development Studies and a BS Hons in Occupational Therapy. 

Amina has taught me how to aim high and achieve my dreams despite all the struggles I have gone through. I am a Manager in my job, something I never thought was possible. She still mentors, coaches and motivates me reminding me that only I, can stop myself from progressing in my career.  If you are stuck and need someone who can give you the confidence and tools to move forward. Amina is now like a big sister to me and my #1 resource for learning leadership and management. You get everything you need to start from the basics and transition into a high performing leader. The best part for me was to learn how to delegate, influence and persuade so that I get the best out of the people around me. Amina is very professional and I would certainly recommend working with her.” Pamela M., Occupational Therapist, West Midlands. 

"I was a newly appointed CEO, It was difficult to start with so my friend introduced me to Amina.  I can attest to the value of the High-Performance Coaching I received from Amina. Her advanced coaching skills have provided me knowledge and insight on wide ranging topics that my success and that of my organisation. I am unable to give my full name for confidentiality reasons" - PM, CEO, NHS.

"Amina, what can I say 12 sessions, what a tough interrogation, Clear direction by the seventh session, I was already a different person. The coaching provided me with an opportunity to develop broad leadership skills. The influence and productivity tools are unsurpassed. Amina is tough on accountability yet very engaging with high quality subject matter expertise, which exactly what I needed. I am used to telling people what to do, with no much challenge, Amina’s coaching is so advanced that she was calling out me out on where I could be better. I would highly recommend the Amina as an executive coach to anyone wishing to further develop their leadership skills and understanding of all aspects of running organisations". - GO, Executive Director in a London based Local Authority,  

“Amina is truly exceptional in her ability to be present, engage and listen. As she listens deeply, she guides me with some seemingly simple but thought- provoking questions that eventually help me to shift how I see things from the beginning of the session. I look forward to my weekly calls with Amina because I always end our call feeling uplifted, with greater clarity and courage to move towards my goals. I live outside the UK sometimes, but Amina has been very accommodating regardless of the time zone differences. I highly recommend Amina as a coach for anyone looking to gain greater clarity, energy, productivity, courage and influence in their lives on their way to realizing their full potential.” Sam Changsu, CEO/Entrepreneur, China.

Amina worked with in 2016. She helped us so much with her consultancy that we have transformed our sales increasing our profits by 30% in 12 months, the modern type of coaching approach is so detailed that it helped me look at areas of the business that we never even considered as a problem. Working with Amina helped me becoming a much more present and high-performing leader (if I can steal her words) because I now empower my staff, which gives me time to concentrate on important tasks. Her style of coaching and training are from real-world knowledge of what it is like in the trenches of today’s workforce.” Zac Spencer, President, A1 Marina Farms, Huntingdon.

“Amina’s energetic style helped to refocus and re-energize our customer service and inside successful redesign.' Her training programme created a win-win outcome for our company. Our staff and our customers have appreciated the results of Diverse Culture’s Intervention. they trained each of our employees with the knowledge and the tools help with high-performance, we now enjoy a happy workforce, and have dramatically reduced sickness absence.” Michael K, Director of Transformation NHS UK 

“Amina and her team brought new life to our organisation. Amina’s guidance in creating our strategic plan to increase revenue growth and profitability got everyone excited. The High-performance workshops have changed the leadership of the STP footprint’s way of thinking.  Everyone now works as a team and not in silos this is definitely new ways to reach our goal as a company.” Maureen Mutale, Zambia National Commercial Bank, Copper belt Zambia.

“Working with Amina was Great! I loved it! she was very insightful and got me to sort out so much stuff with my students. She made me feel confident and helped me move from a place of pain in my life to being proud of myself. For the first time in my life I can feel and say I am proud! Thank you” Julie Kay, Southend Liaison, UK

"As a director of my company I have found it extremely beneficial to share ideas, issues and knowledge within my Amina. Being able to gain a different perspective on things in an open and confidential forum and hearing some of the inspirational stories that the coaching group members share has been a great learning experience for me. I have often said it is more beneficial than doing a degree!  I can highly recommend becoming joining Amina’s High-performance coaching group." – Victoria Member, Director, Restaurant chain.

“I found Amina’s coaching gig on Fiverr site, I was sceptical to start, but much to my surprise. Amina was great and helped me clarify some issues that I need to ponder. The coaching gig is totally worthwhile and if you are on the fence, go for it.” Nate WC, Las Vegas, USA.

PUBLISHING “Hi Amina, I must confess that I was greatly impacted by your book. Thank you. It great, I now understand that having financial stability or money available has so many advantages in helping maintain good mental health, It has also helped me by giving me a better bargaining power when opportunities come. I was greatly inspired by the way you managed the challenges you had and still stand on your feet and more. I've never considered the usefulness of a life coach but after going through your book, I hope to try it soon. I picked up so much from the book. :). I can’t wait to read it again when I am not looking for errors” Zoe K. Creative Editor – Fiverr

“I have enjoyed my mentoring sessions with Amina, Amina`s support, humour and empathetic understanding have been of utmost importance during the highs and lows of my professional journey. I trust Amina to offer ethical and sound guidance when I need it. I’m always impressed at her current knowledge of the developments. I would recommend Amina to any practitioner if they want to engage in sound and supportive mentoring/coaching.

I am heartened and deeply appreciative of the collaborative relationship we have developed over the 9-10 years we have been working together in different roles of community work. Amina is certainly an excellent mentor for trainees and anyone embarking on setting up their own practice.

Amina was highly instrumental in helping me have the confidence to set up and start my private practice in a thorough and professional way. In the beginning when I was full of self-doubt, Amina reassured me and encouraged me to recognize my doubt as the very thing that kept me ethical. Amina reframed what I called ‘Strict boundaries’ as unique ways of communicating my confidence.

Amina has really made me feel that I have the confidence in marketing myself and many skills to bring to my profession life. Amina ensured that I acknowledge my strengths and broadening expertise, rather than take them for granted or minimize them.

I am assured that Amina walks beside me, in tune with my needs, has the capacity to encourage, mentor and celebrate my growing understanding of what it means to be a boss. This not only helped me to become more confident in trusting my own ethical awareness, it also affirmed my congruence, intuitive response and sense of being in relationship with my clients and colleagues.

I have greatly enjoyed the very positive working relationship we have developed; it has been significant both in my professional and personal life. I wish Amina all the very best in her future endeavours!”  Savithri Jayaweera, Psychotherapist – Worthing & Adur Minority Ethnic Empowerment, West Sussex.


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