Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

I offer leadership development and executive coaching, which supports an inclusive culture in a modern, practical, and engaging way. Whether you are looking to go up into a more senior role or you are a leader who needs some help developing skills and honing your craft focused on inclusion and self-awareness.  Sometimes, you may need some coaching through a difficult dynamic phase; I am here for you. 

What is Leadership Development Coaching?

Leadership Development Coaching is research-backed advanced coaching which directly impacts the way of working in companies. It provides coaches and leaders with fantastic tools for people development that lead to great long-term results and profitability.

High-performance coaching is the definitive coaching programme for coaches, leaders, talent managers and professionals around the world.

High-performance coaching strengthens the learning process while demonstrating how to measure the benefits of coaching as a return on investment, as it provides very specific professional coaching and leadership development.


One-to-One Coaching

I have limited space for one-to-one coaching. I mainly offer this to senior executives if you want to find out more. Below is an idea of the fees. If you are considering one-to-one coaching, I would suggest you contact me to discuss your needs first. It will help us understand if we are the right fit for working together. 

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Group Coaching

I believe the need to make coaching accessible. Thus, I offer a twelve-session group coaching as outlined below.


PART ONE: Core Underpinning Leaderhip Development

The first six sessions will cover the following areas of self-leadership:

Session 1. Focus

Goal: To ascertain your focus, level of agency, commitment, and habits.

This session is about determining:

  • Where do you currently focus your attention?
  • What level of control do you have in your life?
  • What practices help you to perform at your highest level?
  • What habits delay you from reaching your highest levels of performance?

Session 2. Clarity

Goal: To define who you want to be and create a clear vision of your best self, thereby helping you to gain immediate, behavioural-driven clarity and intentionality.

The CLARITY session about exploring:

  • Where your strengths lay
  • Where there are gaps in clarity about
  • What you aim to achieve in your life.
  • How do you want to interact with others?
  • What life beliefs and actions will make you most successful so you move forward more quickly?

Session 3. Energy

Goal: To determine your working patterns and the level of energy you generate each day and assist you in gaining immediate gains and improvements.

This session is about establishing:

  • How much energy you have each day?
  • How you can increase energy levels so you can achieve the vibrancy and endurance needed to enjoy a fully charged life
  • What tools can you deploy to improve the energy you feel and generate daily?

Session 4. Fortitude

Goal: To assist you in increasing courage, confidence, decisiveness, self-esteem and momentum.

This session is about discussing:

  • Where you feel you have been confident and courageous in your life
  • What situations, stereotypes, and imperfections may be holding you back from achieving your goals.
  • Tools can help you regain control, courage, confidence, decisiveness, and momentum.

Session 5. Effectiveness

Goal: To ascertain your current level of effectiveness in your professional and personal life and work towards some quick wins to immediately increase productivity.

This session is about ascertaining:

  • What set of tools and concepts would work best for you to quickly and easily improve areas of your life where you may be as effective as you want?
  • How to focus is on helping you immediately become more efficient in your role.

Session 6. Influence

Goal: To explore your immediate level of influence in your relationships, both personal and professional.

This session is about exploring:

  • How much influence¬†do you have right now?
  • What is impacting your influence on professional and personal relationships?
  • Tools and concepts will raise your level of action and help you become more influential.

PART TWO: Advanced Pillars of of Leadership

The final six sessions will cover advanced proeficiency level coaching

Session 7. Mindset 

Goal: To assist you in developing a free, consciously-directed, positively engaged mindset.

This session is about:

  • Delving deeper into high performance, leveraging psychology, physiology, persuasive skills, presence, and purpose.
  • Developing a free, consciously-directed, positively engaged mind.
    How you can learn and create a high-performance mindset in your life.

Session 8. Intention

Goal: To define who you want to be and create a clear vision of your future self, thereby helping you to become intentional and driven.

This session is about exploring:

  • Investigating tools that will assist you in further activating your frame of mind in ways that will make you more self-driven, stronger, and objective.
  • Taking your mindset to the next level and allowing you to reach your goals even faster..

Session 9. Adaptability

Goal: To enable you to review and advance your adaptability and cutting out the shiny object syndrome.

This session is about :

  • Identifying further ways in which you can become even more effective based on where you are since the start of the coaching programme
  • Developing the ability to effectively navigate and cope with intricate or harmful surroundings without becoming deeply involved.
  • Explore how you can cut out distractive activities, advancing to a higher level in your ability to reach your goals.

Session 10. Pursuation

Goal: To explore how you can use the power of persuasion and conviction to motivate and drive your people skills in a positive way.

This session about:

  • Evaluation of your sense of persuasion and influence in your relationships from the beginning of coaching
  • Maximising your persuasiveness by focusing on areas you've already identified
  • Discovering methods to enhance your persuasive abilities, allowing you to create a meaningful difference?

Session 11. Purpose

Goal: To help you examine and deep-diving specifically into your life’s purpose.

This session is about:

  • Helping you develop even greater meaning leading to happiness.
  • Focusing on assessing how well you have been leading by your life‚Äôs purpose
  • Learning tools to help you enhance your life‚Äôs purpose and develop gratitude and happiness habits.

Session 12. Commitment

Goal: To review and consolidate you progress plus making commitments for change.

This session about exploring:

  • Evaluating your performance and identifying your strongest areas for commitment and self-control in the future.
  • Formulating your future course of action¬†to sustain your progress towards realising your full potential in the foreseeable future.
  • Dedication to achieving your objectives and purpose.
  • Fostering a lifelong commitment to persistence and competence for the highest possible performance.

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