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Website Terms and Conditions

Latest Update: August 2020.


Standard website terms and conditions

Amina Chitembo  and Migrants Leadership Institute welcome you to our websites.

The following terms apply to your use of our websites and all content which may be accessed in several ways, including but not limited to the world wide web, PDA, mobile devices, and RSS feed. These terms and conditions apply whenever you access our content, on whatever device. By using this website, you are deemed to have accepted the following conditions.

Some areas of Migrants Leadership Institute website are restricted to registered users, and members paid subscribers and authorised administrators only. By completing the registration account details and by entering your login details, you will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. Also, by subscribing to any of our email services, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. If you register with Migrants Leadership Institute website, you should read our Privacy Policy.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Copyright of the websites Amina Chitembo  and Migrants Leadership Institute is owned by Migrants Leadership Institute and its licensors. The website content must not be copied or reproduced, used, or otherwise dealt with for any other reason. You are not permitted to modify or redistribute the content of the website without the express written permission of Migrants Leadership Institute. You are not entitled to use the content of the website for commercial exploitation in any circumstances.

The names, images and logos identifying Migrants Leadership Institute, Amina Chitembo or third parties and their products and services, are proprietary marks of Migrants Leadership Institute and may be the proprietary marks of third parties. Any use made of these marks without obtaining permission may be an infringement of rights in those marks and Migrants Leadership Institute reserves all rights to enforce such rights.

Content on the Website is provided for general information only to inform you about support information, mentorship, and other relevant developments which may be of interest. At no point does it constitute legal advice (or any other type of advice) and should not be relied upon for this purpose. You must take time to seek legal or professional verification of any advice we provide. We take no responsibility for any decision you take for any information you receive from our websites.

Migrants Leadership Institute is providing the content in good faith, but no warranty or representation is given that the content is accurate, complete, or up to date. Use of content on the website is entirely at your own risk. Migrants Leadership Institute takes reasonable precautions to prevent computer viruses and other malicious programs on the website, and no liability is accepted for them, and you must take your own precautions in this respect.

Information transmitted via this website will pass over public telecommunications networks. Migrants Leadership Institute makes no representation or warranty that the operation of this website will be interrupted or error-free and disclaims all liability in respect thereof.

This website contains links to other websites. Migrants Leadership Institute accepts no responsibility or liability for any material supplied by or contained on any third-party website which is linked from or to this website, or any use of personal data by such a third party. The inclusion of any link on the website does not imply endorsement by Migrants Leadership Institute or of the linked site. If you decide to access linked third-party websites, you do so at your own risk.

Parts of the Site contain advertising and sponsorship. Individual advertisers are solely responsible for the content of advertising material, which they submit to us, including ensuring that it complies with relevant legislation. We accept no responsibility for the content of advertising material, including, without limitation, any error, omission, or inaccuracy therein.

Force majeure - Although we will do our best to provide constant, uninterrupted access to the website, we do not guarantee this. We accept no responsibility or liability for any interruption or delay.

Changes to these Website Terms & Conditions

We can change these Terms at any time, without notice, and your continued use of the Services after any change we make will mean that you agreed with the changes. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ANY CHANGE, PLEASE DO NOT ACCESS OR USE THE SERVICES IN ANY MANNER FOR ANY PURPOSE.

Registration and Membership

Areas of the Migrants Leadership Institute website are restricted to registered users, members and subscribers and are controlled by username and password. We allow you to access these restricted areas of the site on the basis that:

  1. Your username and password are personal to you and shall not be used by anyone else to access these restricted areas.
  2. You provide correct, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself as requested by Migrants Leadership Institute in the account application.
  3. You do not do anything that would assist anyone who is not a registered user to Migrants Leadership Institute, or an approved user of the Administration areas to gain access to these restricted areas or any documents contained therein.
  4. You do not maliciously create additional registration accounts to abuse the functionality of the site, or other users; nor do you seek to pass yourself off as another individual, organisation or brand.
  5. You have read, understood, and comply with these Terms & Conditions.

Migrants Leadership Institute reserves the right to cancel your registration to the site and refuse you access to restricted areas immediately and without giving you any advance notice. Migrants Leadership Institute shall not be liable for any losses or damages whatsoever arising from your inability to access any pages on the site.

Discussion Forum, Comments, Blogs, Vlogs, and Network Contributions

Users of the Migrants Leadership Institute Website may submit material for publication in sections of the website. Some of these areas are restricted to registered users only. Migrants Leadership Institute accepts no liability in respect of any material submitted by users and published by Migrants Leadership Institute, and Migrants Leadership Institute is not responsible for its content or accuracy. If you want to submit material to the website, you may do so on the following terms and conditions:

  1. You grant Migrants Leadership Institute a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free license to republish any material you submit in any format, and you warrant to Migrants Leadership Institute that any material you submit is your work and that you own the copyright and all relevant rights.
  2. You warrant that the material you submit is not obscene, offensive, defamatory, or otherwise illegal.
  3. You agree not to post material that is deliberately intended to upset other users.
  4. You acknowledge that any breach of these warranties may cause Migrants Leadership Institute damage or loss and agree to indemnify Migrants Leadership Institute in full and permanently against any third party liabilities, claims, costs, loss or damage incurred by Migrants Leadership Institute as a result of publishing any material you submit to us, including consequential loss.
  5. Submitted content (text and images) must not be used as a job recruitment mechanism. Vacancies can only be advertised through Migrants Leadership Institute Jobs section.
  6. Content must be accurate and truthful. Obscene, offensive, defamatory, illegal, or otherwise detrimental comments of people, companies, organisations, or brands is strictly forbidden. Content should be relevant to the readers of Migrants Leadership Institute website and should not be used for excessive linking, keyword stuffing, spam, and advertising. Users and content found to be breaching these terms will be removed and may be refused future access.

Content and links

Advertisers are responsible for maintaining the links and for the content of your advertisement and the linked site. We may remove from any advertisement which contains content or links to a site which, in our opinion, is defamatory, illegal, or objectionable or will bring Migrants Leadership Institute or Amina Chitembo into disrepute. You will indemnify us from and against any claims or liability arising from content or links contained in your advertisements.