Believe in yourself by Jennifer Chidera Egbuchelem

books transformation Sep 17, 2020

Believe in yourself: The Fascinating Story of Andrea’ written by Jennifer Chidera Egbuchelem

Since I started Book Writing Coaching and Publishing, I have been approached by many people asking if I can help them publish children’s books. My answer has always been no.

That was until I read this story from a 12-year-old which I felt needed to be told.

So today I am proud to officially release Diverse Cultures Publishing’s first children teen novel titled

Believe in yourself: The Fascinating Story of Andrea’ written by Jennifer Chidera Egbuchelem

It can teach us, adults, a lot about believing in ourselves and seeing projects to results.

You can find the book at Amazon UK.  Alternatively, visit Amazon in your country and search for the name Jennifer Chidera Egbuchelem. You can also visit your bookstore and order from their online stock.

I will leave you the book’s synopsis

The Fascinating Story of Andrea

Meet Andrea Smith who is twelve years old. She is someone that knows she could do something if she believes in it. Everyone thinks of her as a kind-hearted person all except Anne who is jealous of her. The story begins here! All sorts of things she is capable of doing such as never giving up on what she does and trying hard on studies. Her best friend, Charlotte, gives up on saving the school however Andrea says to her to believe in herself. Can Andrea and Charlotte save the school? Find out in this fascinating tale of friendship and trust.

About the Author

Jennifer Chidera Egbuchelem was born in Germany in 2006. She wrote this book when she was 11 years old. Jennifer is a  compassionate and ambitious girl who wants to share her dreams with other children. Her hope is that this book will inspire others and that every reader will enjoy reading this book as much as she enjoyed writing it.

“I’m a child with a huge imagination. I dream big and I want every child like me to never give up on their dreams”


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