Does COVID19 affect black people?

Sep 17, 2020

Let’s mitigate the impact.

COVID19 scares all of us. We are living in uncertain times. Sadly, many people are losing loved ones, which is very unfortunate. Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) patients made up for 33.6% of patients in critical care in spite of only being about 14% of the population. For many ethnic minorities and especially migrants, that could mean losing the breadwinner in the family, which means dependants both in the UK and back home losing financial stability and wellbeing. It is now evident that ethnic minorities are disproportionately dying of the virus and related effects. Many black and minority ethnic people work in the industries that put them at the forefront, and therefore at disproportionately higher risk of infection and infecting their loved ones.

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Initial Attitudes

Nonetheless, there was somewhat a laid-back attitude in some of the black communities worldwide at the beginning with a rumour spreading that black people do not get coronavirus, minimising the seriousness of the effects. This video aims to be a start of a few messages that I will post to callout to ourselves to self-educate and contribute our knowledge and expertise to help others, to start preparing for a steep road ahead. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow the videos and learn. Also, like and share on social media, and signup to my newsletter to receive useful educative information. Together we can do this and build a legacy.  I invite you to watch this video, then subscribe for more. Also please share so that more people can benefit.

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